Your site can have several functions. It can be like a full-page ad in a magazine, to attract customers and tell them how to contact you. It can have a list of products pr services you offer, possible with color photos and current prices, like a catalogue. It might include a special offer, a discount, a rebate, a contest or a freebie (giveaway). It might have news section , like a newsletter, to inform your customers of important happenings at your company.

Unlike a magazine ad, your site can change to reflect changes in your business: new products, new services. newer prices, new offers, a discount, a contest, news, etc. This gives customers a reason to visit your site again and again, to see what's new, etc. You want them to come back.

Keeping a site updated is "maintenance", and we can do that for you regularly with material you provide. This includes digitising photos, adding text, adding pages-anything you want.



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