"Hosting", is the process of compiling all the parts of a site and transferring the site to a "server", a server computer which is linked to the global Internet system. Once the a site published, or hosted, anyone in the world can locate the site using a computer also linked to the Internet. This interactive part of the Internet is called the World Wide Web (WWW) or just "The Web", and a site is called a "web site".

We have unlimited server space for your web site. We have super fast international access on high-capacity lines seven days a week, 24 hours a day. From the moment we host your site, your business is accessible by millions of prospective customers all over the world.

Web Hosting Packages
 # Bronze 12 CYP 5 MB FREE 35 CYP
# Silver 20 CYP 20 MB FREE 35 CYP
# Gold 35 CYP 100 MB FREE FREE
Dedicated 250 CYP 30 GB FREE FREE

(We charge yearly the above prices, so if you order the Silver Plan it will cost 6 (months) x 20 CYP = 120 CYP)
Prices don't include V.A.T

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