Dynamic animations and sounds - Flash allows developers to quickly and easily create dynamic animations and implement sounds.

Fast download times - One of the most common misconceptions about Flash is its download time. All images and graphics produced through Flash are vector based. Vector based graphics are a lot smaller in size, and therefore have a quick download time. Flash also compresses all sounds and graphics as far as it can compress them without losing quality.

One File - Flash based web sites are usually one file. All images, pages, and sounds are compressed into one simple (.swf) file that is within an HTML document.
Interactivity - With the introduction of Flash 4, end-users can now fill out forms and information can be saved in Flash's memory. Flash can also work easily with HTML pages.

If you would like to take advantage of the animated features provided by Flash, we are ready to make the best use of this technology to bring your site to life.


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